Focus on performance

Essel Sports Management has developed into a highly experienced sports management business with a global network. We have been helping players find their way to the clubs of their dreams for more than 25 years. Our own experience as top athletes and our network enables us to represent the interests of elite athletes in the best possible way. The capabilities and wishes of the players and the needs of the clubs are central to this. Essel Sports Management distinguishes itself from other agencies by offering a complete range of services, while always ensuring the focus is on football.

Essel Marketing

In addition to sports management, our team of professionals also coaches players, clubs and companies in a variety of marketing activities. If desired, Essel Sports Management and Essel Marketing can take care of everything on behalf of players, so they can focus on their performance on the pitch.

For players, we are the agency that ensures that every step in their career proceeds without a hitch. Essel Sports Management creates conditions in which players can excel.

Full-service organisation

Essel Sports Management ensures that players can deliver top performances and get the most out of their careers. We are a full-service organisation with:

  • Licenced agents all across the globe
  • International network; Europe, South America, USA, Russia, Middle-East and China
  • Years of experience in numerous areas
De Kuip

Our core-business

Essel has a large international network of clubs and scouts. We are in constant touch with many club managers all over the world. We represent the personal and business interests of players and clubs and create the best conditions for top level performance. We invite clubs to come and see players. Essel Sports Management is the agency that ensures that players and clubs can concentrate on their core business, which is achieving sporting results.